Somat Deo-Perls Dishwasher Fresheners-Case of 10-10 x 60 washes

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New Somat Somat Deo-Perls Dishwasher Freshener and odor neutralizer works for all major dishwasher brands, including Miele, Bosch, Asko, Kenmore, Electrolux, Viking, etc. (Replaces Miele item number 09042720). Deo-Perls lemon freshener's long lasting freshness and odor neutralization helps rid the dishwasher of unpleasant odors. Its active ingredients effectively combats odors. Easy to use - just hang it on the upper basket in your dishwasher. One Deo-Perls Dishwasher Freshener lasts up to 60 wash cycles. This Case of 10 is the most cost effective way to save money while keep your dishwasher free of unwanted odors.

The brand Somat from Henkel AG & Co is synonymous with the world's finest dishwasher care. It is therefore no surprise that in addition to Bosche and Siemens, Miele has for years been recommending Somat for use with its Miele Dishwashers. Includes 10 Somat Somat Deo-Perls Dishwasher Fresheners (10 x 60 washes). Somat Deo-Perls Dishwasher Freshener replaces Miele item number 09042720.

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