Q:  Can you recommend any good links for information about Persil and Persil products?
A:  Yes
- http://www.facebook.com/persil?v=app_155288571170200 (German language)

Q:  Are there English instructions available for Perwoll Intensive White?
A:  Yes, please see below:

English Instructions for Perwoll Intensive White

In white, airy clothes you always exude a positive attitude! However, frequent wear and washing of your clothes can cause whites to yellow and lose their radiance.

Perwoll Intensive White (Perwoll Strahlendes Weiss)

•  with Re-new White Effect
•  smooths roughened fibers and thus renews
white clothes without bleach
•  Gently cleanses and cares for your clothes with every wash
•  gives a summery fragrance

For a radiant white.

Perwoll Intensive White is designed for use with the below white and light color fast fabrics:

•  Cotton
•  Linen
•  Viscose
•  Mixed fabrics
•  Synthetic

Normal Dosage is 75 ml per wash (your bottle cap = 110 ml)

However, depending on your water hardness you may want to adjust according to the below recommendations:

For soft / medium water hardness - 75 ml for lightly soiled, 105 ml for normal soiled, 135 ml for heavily soiled fabrics

For hard / very hard water hardness - 90 ml for lightly soiled, 120 ml for normal soiled, 150 ml for heavily soiled fabrics
1.5 liters Perwoll Intensive white washes approximately 20 lightly soiled loads (5.5 lbs/2.5 kg)  HAND WASH
60 ml to 10 liters

Q:  Are there English instructions available for Sidol Ceran and Stainless Cleaner?
A:  Yes, please see below:

English Use Instructions for Sidol
Removes even stubborn Soiling
Gentle cleaning and food-safe cleanliness
For a dazzling shine and professional care
For high-quality surfaces made of stainless steel, chrome and Ceran cooktops, kitchen hoods, pots, pans, irons, sinks and faucets

Directions for use:

Shake well before use.
Apple a few dashes to the surfaces and distribute.
Wipe off with a damp cloth and rub surface dry with a clean cloth.
Do not ingest.  If ingested, call your physician immediately.
Keep out of eyes. If Sidol gets into eyes, immediately rinse eyes with water.

Q:  Are there English instructions available for using Somat Dishwasher Care Cleaner (Somat Machinen Pleger)?
A:  Yes, please see below:

English Operating Instructions for Somat Dishwasher Care Cleaner

1.  Remove all contents from the dishwasher.
2.  Remove foil from top of bottle, but do not do anything to the seal below.
3.  Place the bottle in the silverware basket or hang it on the dish rack as shown in the picture on the bottle.
4.  Run the hottest cycle (65-75 degrees C). This is usually the pots & pans setting on Miele Dishwashers.

Recommended use - every 1-2 months.  Do not ingest!