Persil Universal Megaperls Laundry Detergent (54 Loads)

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Henkel's Gold Medal winning Persil Universal Megaperls is available while supplies last!

Persil Universal Megaperls, a top quality, super-compact laundry detergent with excellent washing power designed for all HE washers, is more economical than ever. Order today as this difficult to find product can no longer be imported into the US or Canada and it is doubtful that we will be able to get this product in the future. Suitable for all white and light colorfast washable fabrics, Persil Megaperls Universal features an active stain remover that gets out the toughest stains even in wash temperatures as low as 68F (20C). Megaperls Universal also features the anti-graying formula you have come to expect from Persil to keep your whites their whitest. Like all Henkel Persil products, Persil Universal Megaperls is heavy duty cleaning, but easy on the environment. Offer inclueds three 1.025kg bags with approximately 18 loads each for a total of 54 loads. Miele part no. 0763769.

Product Details

  1. Anti-Greying Formula for dazzling white laundry
  2. An active stain dissolver
  3. Limescale Protection - built in water softener
  4. Cleans between 68F (20C) and 140F (60C)
  5. New even fresher fragrance
  6. 54 Wash loads in three 18 load packages
  7. Not suitable for wool or silk.

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