About Us

PersilStore.com (Persil Store) is an authorized Henkel retailer, and presently the only website in North America that handles exclusively Henkel products. Persil Store is committed to providing to quickly and cost effectively delivering Persil and other Henkel brands directly to your front door. Although Persil Store carries only Henkel brands, it is not part of Henkel, but rather of Better Products LLC, a Delaware Corporation, headquartered in the Princeton, NJ area.  Through its strong commitment to Henkel brands, superior knowledge of Henkel products and the careful promotion/consistent branding of Henkel products, Persil Store has earned the the distinction of being one of a very few Henkel authorized dealers in the US. We are very proud to be a member of such a select group and look forward to serving you in Persil's second hundred years of existence and beyond.

An Operating Division of Better Products LLC